Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For Hank

...not Hank the Cow Dog, Hank my little friend down the street. He loves the "moo moos!" So much so that I wasn't even offended when he pointed to me and said "cow." Actually, I was quite honored. So, Hank, these photos are for you!

When they saw me get out of my car, they ran towards me.
Apparently cows aren't shy around cameras.

I think these Mamas aren't too thrilled with me taking photos of their calves. They seem a little unsure of me.

Particulary this one.
I see you too.
Still see you.


Jen McD said...

Love the cows, funny how you can see their "shyness'

Katherine and Eric said...

hehehe! cows are so cute. But, the #1 cause of Global Warming. Because they fart LOTS of ethanol.