Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BE Fit


Britiney said...

Sorry. I can't be your friend any more. *wink*

Rachel L said...

Ok, I wanna know what your doing and what your eating...that is amazing!!!

gina marie said...

It's NOT me. I wish it was and I wish I could lie and say it was but it isn't. She is a woman who hired me to photograph her in her bikini for her husband after working REALLY hard to get ripped.

Liss said...

her hard work paid off.

I just thrown the packet of pop corn I was eaing in the bin after looking at this shot. :)

Katherine and Eric said...

WOW! I want to do exactly what she does. (btw- thanks for the motivation to get the gym today!)

Jen McD said...

Man! Now I feel a little more guilty for eating those doritos today. She looks great!!!

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